Freedom Coat™ & Freedom Coat™ Plus Ceramic Coated

New Hudson introduced the Freedom Coat™ Roller back in 1997 as a solution for Sodium Sulfate and Tin Oxide build-up occurring on the surface of Stainless Steel Rollers.  Today, the Freedom Coat Plus™ Roller is the preferred option for Ultra Thin and High Quality Automotive  glass production. The result is an extremely smooth and hard polished roller surface.  A surface that can be effectively cleaned in the plant with portable onsite equipment or at a New Hudson Service Location. The hard ceramic surface can withstand aggressive cleaning methods without damaging the roller surface.  Additionally, the thermal barrier characteristics of the various ceramic coating options reduce heat transfer between the glass and the lehr roller and the ceramic coating will not spall off due to thermal shock. Please contact us to discuss how Freedom Coat™ might benefit your float glass operation.