Non- Asbestos Covered Lehr Rollers

New Hudson was a pioneer in the development of Non-Asbestos covered lehr rollers back in 1979.  Since then this Mineral Fiberboard has been chosen by glassmakers in more than (90) float lines globally.

FF800 (MB800)

Covered lehr rollers are very common in the flat glass industry typically used in B, C, D, and RET zones of the annealing lehr.  The most frequently used material is Tenmat’s MB800  introduced back in 1981. This material designed as  alternative to asbestos materials.

Covered rollers are non-marking, have less of an affinity for sodium sulfate and dross deposits and provide excellent dimensional stability in the lehr.  The primary disadvantage of covered rollers is the occurrence of embedded cullet and vulnerability to cullet damage.